My desire is to see people free and living a life that is full of purpose and destiny. We are all designed for purpose. I want to help people discover what that purpose is.”

— Crystal Rome

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With a string of mesmerizing singles highlighting the emotive power and grace of her voice lushly integrated within soaring EDM, singer-songwriter Crystal Rome is carving a unique path of purposeful uplifting dance/Trance music. Her overall aesthetic is informed by the trance electronic dance music lineage, but her soulfully ethereal vocals and uplifting spirituality are uniquely her own. I want to use my music to change peoples lives, the Nashville-based artist says. 

Her boldly emotional lyrics are story-based snapshots of struggle and ultimately triumph. I've been through a lot of things, like abusive relationships, she reveals. I've learned as a woman to standup for myself. I hope the hurt and pain I express in my music helps other women know their self worth. 

Crystal's stunning output of singles like Red Light, Heaven, and the newest Veritas are laying down the foundation for an upcoming Album shes readying with collaborator DJ/producer Greg Hobgood and husband producer Tim Romero. The three have been nurturing a dance aesthetic that merges the synthetic hypnotics of club music with the warm organic tones of Crystals vocals. So far their most powerful work is Angles We Have Heard On High which was picked up by the record label Deep Sink. This track is available on Beatport and is like no other Christmas song. On this track, Crystals vocals are luxurious and emotionally angelic. This was a collaboration with famed producer Greg Hobgood, formerly of the pioneering EDM group The Prodigal Sons. The track is reimagined as a trance club track thats sure to introduce dance floor euphoria. 

Crystal has performed on the TBN/JCTV show, at The Los Angeles Dream Center, the Proclaim Freedom event at Azusa Pacific University, and at other Southern California venues. Crystal is also outspoken about many social causes affecting women, she has performed for events combating human trafficking and events promoting breast cancer awareness. Crystals single Eyes of Your Pain was picked up by CBS TV as a music track for licensing for their network TV programming. Crystal is also beginning to get airplay rotation on several online radio stations and podcasts. She has also worked with award-winning music producer Minority, acclaimed for his work with Pitbull and FloRida. 

Crystal grew up in Chicago singing in church. One Sunday I realized how music can touch and change lives, she says. She discovered her love for dance music in Chicagos rich and fertile dance scene, with that cultural influence clashing with the buttoned up attitude of Bradley Universitys music department where she majored in vocal performance and studied theory. It's kind of funny, I used to get in trouble for singing pop songs off the radio because that's what I loved to sing the most. I still enjoy classical music but that hypnotic dance sound is in my blood. She moved from Chicago to LA before settling down in Nashville with her husband. 

I love dance music but I like to talk about the reality of life, she says. Crystals unique sensuality allows her to imbue dance music with empowering femininity. She will be taking her message with her music to Europe next year and working on finishing an EP by summer 2018. My message is that people can find their inner strength with God to make it though any adversity, trauma, sorrow, or addiction. There is always hope.